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November 6, 2010

An OverView – RalationShip of Dr. Imran Farooq With MQM

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Dr. Imran Farooq was born in 1960 in Karachi, he was the base leader and founder member of MQM – Muhajir Qomi Moment from his student life, when Altaf Hussain made APMSO (All Pakistan Mahajir Students Organization) in 80s during his educational career in University of Karachi. At this time, he was in Sindh Medical College (SMC) and completing MBBS.

He was ban from MQM’s Chief Altaf Hussain since last 4 years, in the other words, he was not the member of MQM and spending a normal life unpolitical life and during this period his entrance in MQM’s London Secretariat was also ban, a committee from MQM (Altaf) was there at the duty to watch Dr. Imran Farooq’s Activities. His relationship with Supreme Leader Altaf Hussain were very bad. Specially in this scenario, The title, Shaheed-e-Inqilab is really shocking and amazing for Dr. Imran Farooq from Altaf Hussain, MQM’s Chief.

This is also on media record that Mr. Altaf Hussain had announced to kick him out from MQM 2 times. A noticeable thing is, when Altaf Hussain wiped off his own and other party workers cases through NRO (National Reconciliation Order) in President General Perwaiz Musharraf era. He left Imran Farooq Cases still in red handed position, he did not wave off these cases. These all cases are also on Police and Agencies record yet. In these Cases, Imran Farooq Was black listed and most wanted Since 1992. Govt. of Sindh Pakistan had also published a poster, in which they ask peoples to help to arrest Imran Farooq. If Altaf Hussain loved Him so why not give pressure to clean Imran Farooq’s cases? This is an answer less question and proved that the relations between Altaf Hussain and Imran Farooq was very bad.

If there was no good relations between them so why MQM is blaming on this death and gave him title “Shaheed e Inqilab” ?

As we write above Dr. Imran Farooq was in “Most Wanted” List of Pakistani Secret Forces, Government had announced a reward of 0.7 Million Pakistani Rupees PKR for the person who will point out, arrest or  help in the arrest of Dr. Imran Farooq alive or dead. (We are publishing that poster here also for the proof). He was black listed in the cases of Murder (Clause 302)*, Murder Attempt (302-A)*, Illegal Weapons (13-D)*, Making and Running Torture Cells, Revolt and Revell. and Robbery. Why Pakistani Govt. is giving him protocol in this background? why Media Is covering his Funeral? These are very important question, but no body is here to answer.

Imran Farooq was a terrorist

Imran Farooq was a terrorist

* Accrding to Pakistani Constitution 1973.


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  1. Is this really truth? if it is.. so why MQM is dancing on his funeral nakedly?

    Comment by Nabeel Khan — November 6, 2010 @ 9:16 pm | Reply

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