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January 14, 2011

WakeUp Secularism and Liberalism of Pakistan

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General Perwaiz Musharraf was the man, who introduce the term ‘Modern Enlightenment’, according to him it means to be positive and take everything light, he further proved it at every stage, Moderate Enlightenment is really the good, if implement by the meanings of dictionary, not by the meaning of Musharaf, it doesn’t mean that his explanation was wrong, actually he used this term against Pakistan’s base, he took all base issues infect Islamic issues so light, even against Islam.
His era was the biggest example of Secularism and Liberalism, if we see deeply, he used this term against Islamic Fundamentalism, and proof is the incident of Lal Masjid. He banned many Jihadi Groups, while they were working internally for ISI and Pakistan Army, actually Musharraf wanted a liberal and secular society in Pakistan, Because all his work’s results is proofing this statement now, he sheltered MQM in Karachi, MQM is a secular lobby, Mr. Altaf Hussain, the chief of MQM said this so many times at front of electronic and print media, In Punjab and rest of Sindh, he gathered PML (Q), both Parties are secular and liberal by mentality and practice.

Fazl-ur-Rahman (Jamiat Ulma-e-Islam) Is Adressing – Munawar Hasan (Jamat Islami) is at right

At the same time, there was MMA, Islamic Fundamentalists, they had 90 seats in national assembly, but Musharraf bypassed them continuously. They didn’t want to spread secular approach in the country; this is the problem and cause of the clashes between them.

It is fact that the two nation theory is the base of Pakistan, according to that, there should be Islamic system in the country after partition 1947, Islamic Fundamentalists want it too yet, but it is looking impossible in coming future due to Musharraf’s work and Ideology of Secularism and Liberalism.

Crowd at M.A. Jinah Road Karachi during Protest against Blasphemy and Government – 9th January 2011

Now, challenging of Islamic values again and again is the result of Musharraf’s Ideology, not only inside the country, government have no any guts even they don’t know the importance of these values, everybody can feel it, proof is the incident of cabinet’s gathering last month, when Rahman Malik, Home minister, was trying to recite Soorah Ikhlas, the smallest chapter of Quran, which have only three verse, shockingly he failed, once somebody don’t know the basics then how can he defend it? This is the situation of Pakistan’s Home Minister.

MMA can be gathered once again with biggest powers as compared to previous
Blasphemy and protest against it also the headache of government of Pakistan, this blasphemous activity is going so common these days, even it has been come at common peoples level, government still don’t want to do anything in this way, while it is too much painful for all Islamic world and peoples of Pakistan, if we observe Pakistan in this way so protest is increasing from Islamic fundamentalists after Aasia Bibi’s Incident, government wants to solve this issue but negatively, they are going to change the anti blasphemy act 1986, so that nobody can blame and pressurize government to punish him or her, this is looking pretty indigestible for peoples of Pakistan. In the other words everyone may say that this negative act of Government of Pakistan in the sympathy of crime is the result of Musharraf’s Ideology.

Religious Circles have not only Beard Holders this time

But world see the opposite reaction when Mumtaz Qadri, An Elite Police Commando, kill the Governor of Punjab for his work defined above, after this murder peoples of Pakistan seems in anger, they were also on strike at 31st Dec 2010 on the call of religious elements of Pakistan, and after that a biggest protest in Karachi, In this protest, all channels and panels will gathered and decided to give tough time to government on their act to tackling the blasphemy issues.

Religious element’s big powers are youth – 9th January 2010 Protest

As expecting before this protest, I think all expectations comes true, there were so many peoples gathered from all over the city on Tahreek-e-Namoos-Risalat call, it is the panel of 10 Religious political and non-political circles, but an amazing and shocking thing was the presence of all Banned Jihadi Groups, like Harkat-ul-Ansar, Harkat-ul-Mujahideen, Jamat-ud-Dawa, Jaish-e-Muhammad and Lashkar-e-Tayeba, They all are still ban from Musharraf’s Time, but they amazingly gathered thousands of their peoples in protestors’ crowd, at the other hand, there was thousands of peoples of Albadar Mujahideen, Hizul Mujahideen, Hizb-ut-Tahreer and Aalmi Majlish Tahaffuz Khatm-e-Nubuwwat also, these all are armed groups of Islamic jihad.

Secularism and Liberalism of Pakistan – Future is pretty dark

If we take a glance on other Political and Non-Political activists, so each and every religious groups was there at M.A. Jinah Road for protest, exact figure of protestors can not be easily calculated but if we see the fact so there were 6 kilometers of M.A. Jinah Road was completely covered by these protestors, it was the historical biggest crowd in the history of Pakistan. M.A. Jinah Road Consist of two parallel roads one is for entrance and second one is for exit of traffic. Both roads are 30 fts. wide, both were filled with above than 1.5 million of peoples at the peak time of protest on 9th January 2011.

Some think tanks and Secular elements in the city like Pakistan Peoples party and MQM (Altaf Group) were not expecting millions of peoples, at this time everyone can feel the rich effect of Islamic fundamentalism in the city, Musharraf’s ideology is no where, there is all over the echo of the slogan of Nara-e-Takbeer, Nara-e-Risalat, Hang Aasia and Destiny etc.
At this time, it is clearly looking that peoples of Pakistan are standing totally against of Liberal Pakistani Government and I think Fozia Wahab’s (Secretary of Information – PPP) prediction is also coming true, she said before this protest that, we have to raise voice for secularism and liberalism in the good will of Pakistan, if we don’t do that, so the time comes when it will be going so difficult to raise any voice against Islamic fundamentalism.
Now all these religious tycoons have announced to move to Lahore for once again a biggest crowd against government, and after that they will move to Islamabad. This is the time for government to take back the anti Islamic decisions in the sympathy of governments term and Pakistan, because Pakistan can not afford a mid term election at the moment, but it is looking that there will be full term election not a mid term, why government is going against a major public opinion? Why Government is ignoring all of them, why Government taking this issue to the clash? These are the questions which are still answer less. Everyone is feeling and seeing a biggest Islamic revolution in the country, Musharraf’s Ideology of secularism and Liberalism has been totally flushed out by just a murder of Governor Punjab on blasphemous issue, everyone is looking the upper hand of Islamic Religious Circles. Danger alarm has rung for the remaining secular and liberal lobby, at this time any wrong decision even dialogue delivery of government and secular lobby can blast Islamic Fundamentalists, because at yesterday’s crowd, all armed and unarmed Islamic groups have been taken out their weapons, they have shown it also, this is on media record.
Let’s see what will happen after the next protest of these fundamental tycoons of Tahreek Namoos Risalat. There are three leading names like Jamiat Ulma-e-Islam, Jamat-e-Islami Pakistan and jamiat ulma Pakistan, they are ‘moderate enlightened’ in all of them, this responsibility to be calm down and get rest of them calm down, completely on their shoulders, because they have thousands of peoples with them infect they have so many sub-groups and different institutions, who are working under them.
So they can handle the situation at the moment, but here is also looking still a big clash between government and these religious tycoons in case of deny by government. Because, they will not compromise on any religious issue as they have announced it so many times at front of electronic and print media, any way, we can not predict before Lahore and Islamabad protest.

November 6, 2010

An OverView – RalationShip of Dr. Imran Farooq With MQM

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Dr. Imran Farooq was born in 1960 in Karachi, he was the base leader and founder member of MQM – Muhajir Qomi Moment from his student life, when Altaf Hussain made APMSO (All Pakistan Mahajir Students Organization) in 80s during his educational career in University of Karachi. At this time, he was in Sindh Medical College (SMC) and completing MBBS.

He was ban from MQM’s Chief Altaf Hussain since last 4 years, in the other words, he was not the member of MQM and spending a normal life unpolitical life and during this period his entrance in MQM’s London Secretariat was also ban, a committee from MQM (Altaf) was there at the duty to watch Dr. Imran Farooq’s Activities. His relationship with Supreme Leader Altaf Hussain were very bad. Specially in this scenario, The title, Shaheed-e-Inqilab is really shocking and amazing for Dr. Imran Farooq from Altaf Hussain, MQM’s Chief.

This is also on media record that Mr. Altaf Hussain had announced to kick him out from MQM 2 times. A noticeable thing is, when Altaf Hussain wiped off his own and other party workers cases through NRO (National Reconciliation Order) in President General Perwaiz Musharraf era. He left Imran Farooq Cases still in red handed position, he did not wave off these cases. These all cases are also on Police and Agencies record yet. In these Cases, Imran Farooq Was black listed and most wanted Since 1992. Govt. of Sindh Pakistan had also published a poster, in which they ask peoples to help to arrest Imran Farooq. If Altaf Hussain loved Him so why not give pressure to clean Imran Farooq’s cases? This is an answer less question and proved that the relations between Altaf Hussain and Imran Farooq was very bad.

If there was no good relations between them so why MQM is blaming on this death and gave him title “Shaheed e Inqilab” ?

As we write above Dr. Imran Farooq was in “Most Wanted” List of Pakistani Secret Forces, Government had announced a reward of 0.7 Million Pakistani Rupees PKR for the person who will point out, arrest or  help in the arrest of Dr. Imran Farooq alive or dead. (We are publishing that poster here also for the proof). He was black listed in the cases of Murder (Clause 302)*, Murder Attempt (302-A)*, Illegal Weapons (13-D)*, Making and Running Torture Cells, Revolt and Revell. and Robbery. Why Pakistani Govt. is giving him protocol in this background? why Media Is covering his Funeral? These are very important question, but no body is here to answer.

Imran Farooq was a terrorist

Imran Farooq was a terrorist

* Accrding to Pakistani Constitution 1973.

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